Paul Sormani

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Born in Venice, Paul Sormani set up in Paris by the middle of 19th century. He specialized in creating furniture and works of art mainly in Louis XV and Louis XVI styles. He exhibited at many Expositions Universelles, among which Paris in 1855 where he was awarded a first class medal, London in 1862 where he received another medal and in Paris in 1867. Everyone agreed that his creations revealed the highest standards of quality ; during the 1867 Universal Exhibition the catalogue described his work as follows : “toute sa production révèle une qualité d’exécution de tout premier ordre”. In 1867, he moved to 10, rue Charlot, where he met a great success until his death in 1877. His wife and son took over the business and later moved it to 134, Boulevard Haussmann. From this date onwards pieces are normally signed “Veuve Sormani & Fils”. The Sormani mark is either stamped on the wood or engraved on the lockplate, incorporating the address.



   French Louis XV Style 3rd Quarter 19th Century Chinnoiserie  Coromandel

      Lacquer & Finely Chased Gilt-Bronze mounted Commode Stamped Paul Sormani Paris



     Paul Sormani Bureau Plat circa 1880.     Leather Top Replacement.  Leather Tooling. 23ct Gold Embossing.