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Henry Dasson 

 1)   3rd Quarter 19th Century Louis XV Style Vernis Martin Meuble d'appui with Ormolu Mounts stamped Henry Dasson

 2)  1880's Louis XVI style Ebony and Burl Veneered black lacquer cabinet with extraordinary ormolu mounts. Stamped Henry Dasson

 3)  French Ormolu Mantel Clock. Henry Dasson circa 1880.  Clock mechanism restored   by Expert Clock Repair, (Chappell Jordon Galleries) in Houston. 



 Ormolu-mounted Ebony  "Regulateur Au Char D'Apollon" by Alfred Emmanuel Louis Beurdeley.

Modeled after a 18th century clock by Philippe Caffieri and Balthazar Lieutaud now at Versailles.


    XVI Commode   

 4)   Louis XVI Style Gilt-Bronze mounted Commode à Bantaux Circa 1890. After an 18th Century designed by Stockel et Benneman now resides at the Musee du louvre.



5)   19th Century Louis XVI style Solid Mahogany & Bird's eye Mahogany veneer Secrétaire à cylinder stamped  

       Millet à Paris.  After a 18th Century design done by Jean-Henri Riesener now at the Louvre in Paris.

6)   Rare Bos de Violette & mahogany Bonheur-du-jour by Théodore Millet. Exquisite ormolu mounts by  Léon Messagé.   Stamped twice “Millet a Paris”.

Mounts stamped six times “LM”.  This piece won the Gold medal at the  1889 Paris Exposition Universelle..

7)   Louis XVI Style ormolu-mounted mahogany, parquetry and Vernis Martin Vitrine by Millet circa 1880.



8)  19th Century Regulateur  de Parquet  veneered in Bois de Violette and Satiné richly  mounted with ormolu stamped  Leon Kahn. 


   Versailles Commode     

 9)  Mid 19th Century , Parquetry and Marquetry Louis XV style commode with ormolu mounts ( Leon Kahn) after an

      18th century model by Jean-Henri Riesener now at Versailles. 


       Paul Sormani       

 10)  French Louis XV Style 3rd Quarter 19th Century Chinnoiserie  Coromandel Lacquer & Finely

Chased Gilt-Bronze mounted Commode Stamped Paul Sormani

11)   Paul Sormani Bureau Plat circa 1880.     Leather Top Replacement.  Leather Tooling. 23ct Gold Embossing Splice Veneer Replacement


       Francois Linke   

11a         Louis XV Style Ormolu-mounted Tulipwood and Bois Satine Longcase  (Grand Regulatur) Clock stamped Francois Linke

11b       1893 Ormolu-mounted Kingwood Tulipwood Satine Marquetry Grand Piano Stamped Francois Linke.  Numerous

stamps 'ZN' Joseph Emanuel Zwiener on reverse of mounts. Movement by Erard #71242

12)    19th Century Ormolu Mounted Kingwood Tulipwood, Coromandel Lacquer Parquetry Commode Stamped Francois Linke

13)    1880's  Francois Linke Selette with Onyx Du Marble. One of seven. . Earlier work by Linke.

14)      Louis XV style Ormolu mounted Bois de Violette & Satine Bureau Plat Stamped Francois Linke. Extremely fine mounts designed by Léon Messagé.

15)     19th Century  Ormolu-mounted Kingwood Parquetry, "Commode Aux Dragons", stamped Francois Linke.

          Mercury gilt-mounts of the finest quality. Minor veneer work and discoloration. Mounts solution cleaned.

         After an 18th Century commode by Antoine-Robert Gaudreaus now at The Wallace Collection in London.

16)      Early 20th Century Ormolu-mounted kingwood, mahogany, marquetry-inlaid commode a vantaux stamped Francois Linke  

 17)      Louis XVI style Gilt Bronze Mounted Kingwood Mahogany Side Table circa 1890 stamped Francois Linke

 18)       Francois Linke Louis XVI Style Gilt Bronze Mounted Mahogany Vitrine.  12)     

Drop Leaf Tea Table Stamped Franclos Linke


    Joseph Zwiener     

19)  Joseph Emmanuel Zwiener  Louis XVI Style Kingwood Tulipwood Glit Bronze Mounted  Vitrine Circa 1880 by Jose Emmanuel Zwiener.

19a)   circa 1880 Joseph Emmanuel Zwiener Bombay Marquetry Vitrine in  Satiné and Kingwood richly mounted with ormolu.


       Alexandre Hugnet   

20)   Late 19th Century French Ormolu-mounted Mahogany & Tulipwood Vitrine by Alexandre Hugnet. Circa 1890

       Stamped: (HUGNET/Ameublements/Paris/69 Faubourg st. Antoine). 


      XV Commode  

21) 19th Century French Ormolu-mounted Kingwood, Tulipwood and Marquetry Commode in Louis XV style  Water Damaged. Piece was in 18" of water for three days.

22)   19th Century Louis XVI Style Commode with Ormolu Mounts stamped 'L CUENIERES JNE/EBENISTE'

        after an 18th Century commode  by Jean-Henri Riesener at Versailles, (Marie-Antoinette Sitting Room). 



23)    18th Century Jean-Baptiste Tilliard or Son   Louis XV Chairs  Gold Leaf     Water Gilding   Silk Upholstery 


             18th Consoles  

24)     Pair of 18th Century Gildwood Louis XVI Consoles damaged in Hurricane Katrina. Gold Leaf   Water Gilding 


            Black Vitrine     

25)     1870-1880  Louis XV Style Black Lacquer Vitrine Cabinet with ormolu mounts.


           Bureau Plat   

26)    Late 19th Century Louis XV Style Mahogany Veneered Bureau Plat with Gilt-bronze mounts

27)     Late 19th Century Louis XV Style Kingwood Veneer Bureau Plat with gilt-bronze mounts



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