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        Francois Linke Grand Régulateur. Designed by Léon Messagé . Clockmaker: Etienne Maxant

One of the most celebrated ébénistes of his time, François Linke was born in Pankraz, Bohemia. He moved to Paris in 1875 and six years later established independent ateliers at 170, rue de Faubourg St. Antoine. Linke initially produced furniture derived from styles popular during the 18th century ancien régime and by 1900, his worldwide reputation as a master of high quality furniture was well established. Winning the Médaille d'or at the 1900 Paris exhibition is arguably the pinnacle of Linke's career. His large display showcasing his extravagant pieces in room settings prompted the critic Charles Dambreuse to opine: "L'Exposition de la maison Linke est le gros événement de l'histoire du meuble d'art en l'an de grâce 1900" (see C. Dambreuse, 'L'Art Industriel à l'Exposition de Meuble de Style: M. F. Linke', Revue Artistique & Industrielle, Paris, July-August, 1900).

The financial benefits derived from the international acclaim achieved at the 1900 exhibition allowed Linke to establish a large showroom on the place Vendôme. Furthermore, he was able to pursue new and distant markets by exhibiting at other international exhibitions, including the Louisiana Purchase Exposition of 1904 in St. Louis, Missouri, where he was again awarded a gold medal.

Linke's Régulateur Louis XV surmounté du motif le Temps was one of the sensational pieces created specifically for the 1900 Paris Exposition Universelle and was hailed by Dambreuse as possibly the chef-d'oeuvre on his Gold Medal-winning stand. Although considered to have reached its pinnacle with the completion of the régulateur, the collaboration between Linke and Léon Messagé appears to have actually begun with its conception some ten years earlier. A completed design for the clock appears in the volume published by Messagé in 1890 (see Payne, op. cit., p. 131, pl. 142). Meanwhile, an intriguing photograph taken at about the same time shows the original model undergoing work in Messagé's studio.

The Régulateur Louis XV proved to be very successful, and Payne notes a total of eight as having been made. In addition to the 1900 Paris exhibition, the model was also shown at the 1904 St. Louis exposition (see the photograph of Linke's stand), at the Liège exhibition the following year, and possibly again at the 1908 Anglo-French exhibition in London. Payne notes that Maxant, the clockmaker's name stamped on the present example, supplied or replaced movements for most of the clocks.

Christie's catalog  Oct. 25, 2007




         1893 Ormolu-mounted Kingwood Tulipwood Satine Marquetry piano à queue  (Grand Piano) Stamped Francois Linke. 

          Numerous  stamps 'ZN' Joseph Emanuel Zwiener on reverse of mounts. Movement by Erard #71242



 19th Century Ormolu Mounted Kingwood Tulipwood, Coromandel Lacquer Parquetry Commode Stamped Francois Linke



     1880's  Francois Linke Selette with Onyx Du Marble. One of Seven made by F. Linke 

P.53 Plate 44 Francois Linke, 1855-1946, The Belle Epoque of French Furniture By Christopher Payne





 Louis XV style Ormolu mounted Bois de Violette & Satine Bureau Plat Stamped Francois Linke. Highly chased  mounts designed by LÉON MESSAGÉ

Francois Linke "The Belle Epoque of French Furniture" by Christopher Payne Plate 88.







20th Century Ormolu-mounted kingwood, mahogany, marquetry-inlaid commode a vantaux stamped Francois Linke  

P. 220 Plate 240/241 Francois Linke, 1855-1946, The Belle Epoque of French Furniture By Christopher Payne





 19th Century Ormolu-mounted Kingwood Parquetry, "Commode Aux Dragons", stamped Francois Linke.

Mercury gilt mounts of the finest quality. Minor veneer work and discoloration. Mounts solution cleaned.

After an 18th Century commode by Antoine-Robert Gaudreaus now at The Wallace Collection in London.

 P. 499 Cliché #793 Francois Linke, 1855-1946, The Belle Epoque of French Furniture By Christopher Payne



 Louis XVI style Gilt Bronze Mounted Kingwood Mahogany Side Table circa 1890 stamped Francois Linke






             Francois Linke Louis XVI Style Gilt Bronze Mounted Mahogany Vitrine.   




    Late 19th Century Gilt Bronze mounted Cubed parquetry bureau plat stamped Francois Linke modeled after

    Jean Francois Oeben's piece now at The Louvre (first Photo)



Drop Leaf Tea Table Stamped Franclos Linke


Sunburst and clouds gilt bonze wall clock stamped Francois Linke. Clockmaker Freres Raingo.


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