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Estimates for Residential Fine Furniture Repair, Restoration and Finishing




Previous customers and referrals only

This website was developed as a courtesy for previous customers and their referrals.

There are currently 80 examples of furniture repair, furniture restoration and furniture finishing

 work in the Photo Gallery for viewing. Please take a moment and inspect the type of furniture

we work on and the standards we work to.  18th, 19th and 20th century French furniture gallery

can be found on the "French Furniture Restoration" page.


Turn around time: Basic repair work (touch-up, chair gluing and clamping)  2-3 days.

(Duplicating parts more involved repair work)  5-10 days.

High End Restoration work 4-6 weeks depending on schedule.


Refinishing Work: Waiting list

Out of State Customers (Scroll down to bottom of page)

Easy to print map can be found on the  "DIRECTIONS TO SHOP" Page

Our Customers gladly bring pieces to the shop or have them delivered. 3-5 pieces come into this shop every day.

Our portfolio and referral list is extraordinary with over 300 letters of recommendation.

Nice Moves (Bobby) 713-681-6683 does most of the local pick-up and delivery for this shop

and I highly recommend them.

Shop Hours: Mon. - Fri.   7:00 A.M.  to 3:00 P.M. 

Saturday and Sunday. Shop is usually open. Call first.

Online Estimate for Residential Furniture

Previous customers and referrals only

If you have a digital camera or scanner you can email pictures of the item/s in question.

 Several pictures are sometimes needed if involves a

 case piece or extensive damage.

 Provide a description of the damages and what is needed to satisfy.

(Name, address and telephone number required)

email to:


"In Home" Repair Work

Fred Woodall does not provide "In Home" services.

All work is done in the shop so we can repair, finish or restore the piece to our standards

using proper techniques and materials.


 Shipping Items to Houston

Previous customers and referrals only

 This shop receives items from previous customers and their referrals from

 all over the World.  Our reputation for accommodating these customers

is exceptional. Call for Info.


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