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Previous customers and referrals only

This website was developed as a courtesy for previous customers and their referrals.

There are currently 80 examples of furniture repair, furniture restoration and furniture finishing

 work in the Photo Gallery for viewing. Please take a moment and inspect the type of furniture

we work on and the standards we work to.  18th, 19th and 20th century French furniture gallery

can be found on the "French Furniture Restoration" page.


Customers drop off chairs for repair on a daily basis.

Pricing is reasonable in comparison to the competition and the quality of work is second to none.

Turn around time 2-4 days for basic repair work.

This shop has worked on tens of thousands of chairs over the past three decades.

We are highly skilled in all aspects of repair and restoration on chairs. From

basic glue and clamping to duplicating a entire chair to exact specifications.

Photo gallery of chair repair with pricing can be found on the "Chair Pricing Page".

Easy to print map can be found on the "DIRECTIONS TO SHOP" Page

 We do not work on recliners

There is currently 80 examples of furniture repair, furniture restoration and furniture finishing work in the Photo Gallery for viewing.

Repair and Restoration Shop

It is not recommended for unskilled hands to attempt to repair damaged chairs.

Nearly 60% of all the chair repairs in this shop involves correcting previous repair work.

To repair damaged chairs properly requires many years of experience, good judgment and a fully equipped repair shop.

We have a large inventory of selected hardwoods to choose from for duplicating damaged or missing parts.

Highly skilled and experienced in lathe and carving work. Also the best at matching existing finishes. 

Highly experienced at repairing dog chewed furniture.

Many styles of chairs this shop specializes in, whether original or reproduction.

Windsor, Sheraton, Victorian Queen Ann, Gothic, Chippendale, Hepplewhite, Duncan Phyfe, Empire, Rococo,

Eastlake, Shaker, Georgian, Regency, Louis XVI & Louis XV and many others.

Nearly thirty years experience in gold leaf applications on decorative chairs. From simple imitation leaf applications

to highly skilled water gilding.


 Fine Furniture Repair and Restoration in Houston for 29 Years

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